About Me

Pauline with Lara

I am a qualified crystal healer and have been working in this field for over 12 years. I work on the main 7 Chakras with the use of crystals. This helps to align and energise them so they are all working in coordination with each other. It is a deeply relaxing therapy that aligns and balances the body’s energy.

I have always been interested in the Tarot and have recently completed a course. I am currently offering readings on the Inspired Of Spirit website and working to be endorsed by the Tarot Association Of The British Isles.

Through my healing I have branched out and am now offering a selection of crystals for you to purchase by attending psychic fayres in my local area. I also offer incense and oils that I use and find very useful.

I have always been spiritually gifted and was always interested in different types of healing but was unable to do as much as I wanted to, as my priorities were and still are devoted to my family.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you do not see what you require. Please ask and I will do my utmost to help you