This is a section that will expand with time and will feature crystals that I use during healings. For now I’ve decided to start with those that have properties beneficial to the treatment of ME and CFS.

Crystals have been used for thousands of years to heal and bring balance to our lives. Crystals work through vibration – to gain maximum benefit you need to be trained or treated by someone who is well qualified.


Single terminated crystals are called generator crystals. All faces of this crystal meet in a point at 1 end in what it known as a terminated apex. The other end was joined to the base crystal cluster and may have smaller crystals attached to it. Energy is said to flow from the crystal, out through apex.


These crystals have a terminated apex at each end of the crystal. This shows they were formed in an environment, such as a soft clay, where they were able to fully develop their natural shape. Double terminated crystals are considered powerful because their shape allows them to release energy from both ends


A large number of crystals will often form together, joined to a single base. Once removed from their natural environment these crystals may break into smaller clusters or individual stones.